Three Tips for Marketing Frozen Yogurt


Now is the perfect time to acquire a frozen yogurt machine or two (or more!) and get in on a health trend that isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the cool treat grows more popular with every passing year, as Americans seek waist line-friendly alternatives to the comfort foods they love. With that in mind, it’s important to set your business apart from all the others with a clever marketing campaign that will get your name out there and get you the brand recognition you need to thrive.

Establish Your Target Demographic

It’s important that before you begin to market your business, you identify who you are marketing to exactly – families? Health nuts? A younger crowd? Once you determine your target demographic, you can begin to make decisions – both in advertising and in your product – that will set you apart from all the other competitors.

Use Social Media

You might have to hire someone specifically for the task, because social media is without a doubt one of the most effective new ways to market your business – it’s in a league of its own. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are some of the most popular sites where business can build a loyal customer base. Not only can you provide essential information (like store hours and prices), it’s also an opportunity to interact directly with customers and – most importantly – resolve disputes in a public forum.

Hold Contests

As the owner of a frozen yogurt business, you have the unique ability to experiment with your product, and one great way to market that product is to hold contests where the customer gets to provide input – like Name the New Flavor or Create a New Flavor.

The trend for a healthier, more fit America is in your favor, as frozen yogurt provides all the sweet taste of ice cream with only a percentage of the guilt, and a smart marketing campaign can help you get a big scoop of that profitable sundae.