Choosing the Right Red Wine for a Meal


It’s very convenient to order wine online, however when doing so, it may be difficult to find the right type of wine for the meal you’d like to have it with. There is no wine store employee that can help you with this. Here is an easy guide to know which red wine is best for different types of meals.

Types of Medium Body Wines

If you are looking for a wine that will go with a spicy meat dish; here are a few that can serve the purpose well. These also go well with a roasted chicken meal, game birds and hearty meats like lamb and Venison. These lines do not have to be too expensive, and are considered medium-body.

  • Pinot Noir from the United States
  • California Cabernets and Merlots
  • Australian Shiraz Wines and Cabernets
  • Chilean Cabernet and Merlots

Types of Light-Bodied Wines

If you’re in for a casserole dinner, or you will be eating simple things like hamburgers, pizza maybe a casserole, or a sausage dish these wines would best suit your date. These wines are in the category of light-bodied wines.

  • A Chianti Wine
  • A United States Pinot Noir
  • Loire Valley Reds

Types of Full-Bodied Wines

Sometimes you’re in for a very bold dinner date. When you’re expecting to have a full-bodied meal, a bold red wine is the best choice. Perfect meal options for the following wines include rich meat dishes like venison, roasted turkey, and spicy pastas. These meals fill you up and are hearty. The following choices should be within the bracket of medium cost wines. These are considered full-bodied wines.

  • California Cabernets, Merlots and Zinfandels
  • Bordeaux wines
  • A Barolo wine or Barbaresco

Wines That Are Inexpensive

The best wines to go with hard cheeses are the following, and should be in the inexpensive class.

  • Chianti Classico
  • Cabernets or Syrah’s from the South of France
  • Burgundies

There are many types of wines you can choose from and this information will help you gain a better understanding of which wine to choose when you eat certain meals.