Pancake House’s Red Velvet Pancakes


I finally get to try the infamous red velvet pancakes from Pancake House!

Worth all the hype. IMO.

Pancake House offers its Regal Red Velvet designer pancakes — the first of a series of designer pancakes. These special pancakes, inspired by premium cake flavors, will be introduced every two months. Pancake House’s Regal Red Velvet is a stack of deep-red mini pancakes filled with Belgian chocolate chips, with cream cheese filling in between the pancakes, topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with walnuts and powdered sugar. The Regal Red Velvet is now available at all outlets of Pancake House.

(I think their next premium pancake flavor: Speculoos Cookie Butter Pancakes are out as well!)

My verdict: WORTH ALL THE HYPE! (and more!)

1) Their serving is generous. Ever got so full after eating pancakes? You might want to give this a try.
2) The cream cheese instead of maple syrup is oh-so-yummy.
3) AND they didn’t scrimp on the chocolate chips. Whether you want to dine by yourself for breakfast while browsing for an id scanner for your company or dine with friends, the Php220++ price tag is more than worth it.