Cook More, Eat Less, Read More, Surf Less


I think that’s going to be my mantra this year. Learn new things – and that includes cooking. Eat less, that’s a new thing for me. Move more. Exercise more.

I have stopped doing resolutions years ago when I realized I get depressed towards the end of the year realizing that I have not even made a dent on them. But this year is different and I aim to feel towards the end of the year having known I have accomplished what I intended to do.

Perhaps the easiest of my resolutions is the one where I aim to read more. I have always loved to read, but it has taken a backseat due to 1) I have no budget to buy new books and there is no library around town 2) I have been distracted by the internet, social media and fall TV. Now I aim to allot at least 10 minutes each night to read books from iphone or hear books while on transit. I can download them from