Stop Smoking with the Help of Herbs


My husband has been smoking for 15 years. Last year, when his brother died of a massive heart attack at 46 years old, he realized that he needs to take solid steps to become healthy. One of the things he realized is that in order to be healthy and be active again, he needs to stop smoking.

Smoking is an addictive habit because of the nicotine. I have read articles that you can only really truly stop when you stop cold turkey but my husband has been having a hard time doing that. The withdrawal symptoms are hard on him – irritability, dry mouth and the massive headaches.

So the goal for now is for him to lessen smoking. Herbal Smoke is something we have been looking into. It has been said to help reduce smoking and lessen the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Herbal smoke is inhaled through pipes. Native Indians just roll the mixture in a betel leaf. Some people use cigarette paper for rolling the mixture.

The general perception is that herbal smoking is not as harmful as tobacco-smoking. Herbal cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and hence no nicotine. Some manufacturers even claim that these herbal blends do not affect children in any adverse manner.