Celebrating New Year’s at the Las Vegas Trip


What better way than to celebrate and ring in New Year’s with a bang by staying along the famous Las Vegas Strip? I know the Madison Square Garden in New York is famous for their countdown but there are many activities you can do while doing a countdown of your own in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip
image via Wikipedia

Las Vegas vacations can’t happen without at some point being on the 3.8 mile road called Las Vegas Boulevard South a.k.a. the strip! A little known fact is that only a small percentage of the strip actually lies in Las Vegas, the rest of it is in surrounding areas called Winchester and Paradise. A large portion of the strip has been named as an All-American road.

Another trivia for you: Many of the largest hotel, casino and resort properties in the world are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Fifteen of the world’s 25 largest hotels by room count are on the Strip, with a total of over 62,000 rooms. So you can enjoy doing some slot machine games while waiting for your family to come downstairs. Or not come out of your hotel and just enjoy the amenities your hotel has to offer!

The Strip is home to all the things people want to see or do when in Las Vegas, it has plenty of shops that were a favorite with the late pop icon Michael Jackson, cinemas and all sorts of other entertainment venues with singers, magicians and illusionists. All of the best hotels are there including the world famous ones like Caesars Palace, Casino Royale, Bellagio Hotel and the Mandalay Bay.

My favorite hotel along the strip is the Bellagio. The Bellagio has a spectacular fountain and it also includes almost 4,000 rooms. Among its attractions, aside from quality restaurants and casinos, is the Cirque du Soliel which is an entertainment show that performs twice every night. It is something one should not miss!