Personal Fitness Trackers

I bought my watch – it’s a stylish one that let me keep track of time, steps, calories and floors I’ve climbed!

It’s called the Fitbit. I’ve had it since February this year and it has helped me tremendously be mindful of how I move and work. I try to take in 5,000 steps a day but other fitness apps recommend I do 8,000. So I try to hit that goal three times a week.

Do you have a Fitbit?

Workouts & Exercise

Ever since I got myself a Fitbit last February, I became more conscious of how I move. Basically, I came to know that in an ordinary day – a day where I do nothing but work and eat – I just complete about 2000 steps. That is so sedentary. Since then, I made it a point to make it to at least 4000 steps (I know, it’s still low, but at least double my steps normally) a day.

Now I average around 8000 steps a day. My friend told me that it took her friend to lose 100lbs in a year by logging 10000 (10k) steps every single day. I need to get top quality sound isolating earphones so I can walk more without getting bored or feeling it as a chore.

3 Great Vitamins For Children

You aren’t the only one who could benefit from daily doses of zing and manganese. You’ll need to be careful, however, in choosing vitamins for your children; growing bodies have different needs than adult ones. Here are three kinds that have been specifically designed for kids.

1: Nature’s Plus Animal Parade

Available in fun colors and textures, you wouldn’t know to look at it that Animal Parade is also nutritional. Not only does it offer all the best minerals, enzymes and amino acids, but it also contains everything from bioflavonoids to botanical extracts for maximum health and wellness in your children.

2: Nature’s Plus Children’s Liquid Multivitamin

If your little one prefers liquids to chewable tablets, this broad-spectrum mixture offers an easy way to give them all of their Daily Values (DVs) of the world’s best vitamins and minerals. From iron to calcium, this blend has it all, offering everything they need to grow strong in a tiny medicine cap.

3: Nature’s Plus Orange Juice Jr

Make sure your kids get their Vitamin C when you give them Orange Juice Jr. Each caplet contains 100 mg of excellent citrus-flavored nutrition, and there are also small amounts of beet juice and papaya fruit, too. Children will love the taste; parents will love the ingredients!

These are just three vitamins that could mean serious health gains for your child. If you’re looking for something that will boost their immune systems, improve their cognition functions and make them live longer, healthier lives overall, choose their vitamins from this list!

Hap Chan


My husband and I have been eating out a lot lately. We are going with a friend who needs company and we have been going to one restaurant a night and capping it off with coffee at Starbucks. It’s no wonder I am gaining so much weight. We talk about anything under the sun – from <printing yard signs to serious talk about love, life and money.

Here is one of the restaurants we enjoyed eating at – gotta love Chinese food!

Comfort Food

All mine. It has been a stressful week.

What’s your comfort food?

While others take to exercising when stressed, sleep or go out with friends and drink, I eat.

Eating is my weakness. I eat when I am happy. I eat when I am sad.

And that’s where my problem lies.

Disabling emotional connections to food is the first step for me to be able to finally conquer my weight challenges.