Comfort Food

All mine. It has been a stressful week.

What’s your comfort food?

While others take to exercising when stressed or strum their Conklin Bass, sleep or go out with friends and drink, I eat.

Eating is my weakness. I eat when I am happy. I eat when I am sad.

And that’s where my problem lies.

Disabling emotional connections to food is the first step for me to be able to finally conquer my weight challenges.



Bataw. Or patani. Tastes good surprisingly.
Bataw or Patani?

I am as clueless about cooking vegetables as knowing which is the best withinthis collection of music. Cooking and music, especially singing — these are my water loos. You can add math into the mix.

Anyway, this was actually patani – cooked with onions, garlic and lots of ginger. Then you add malunggay and beef bits. It actually tastes good. The patani serves as the beef extenders. It tastes like huge mongo beans, tastier.

Figaro Eats

We usually eat and hang out at Figaro once a week, simply because it’s the only available restaurant that is air-conditioned and has wi-fi when my daughter has her therapy every week. I have mastered their menu down pat, and I can order with my eyes closed already! Aside from classic casio piano keyboard, we usually just savor the good airconditioning of the building, particularly Figaro. Summer heat can be deadly these days.

Here are some of the stuff we usually order:
Mushroom with Cheese Bakes | Pasta Al Chorizo

Rock The Boat.

How I wish I was just saying this while singing the lyrics to a song. But right now, as I am typing this, strong winds and rain have been pouring in like crazy – for almost more than a week already, I think two weeks, to be exact. There have been floods everywhere and I am praying the rain stops soon or else the city maybe submerged in water.

My favorite joint, a hole in the wall bar-slash-club, plays the best diverse kind of music. I am not a rock person but somehow I love listening to it, as well as country, pop and R&B, while I’m there. The guitarist usually rocks the house using line 6 fender and the drummer beats on pearl drums. Unfortunately, that club right now is more than submerged in flood – it has been destroyed by it.

I hope the rain stops. Soon.