Christmas Gifts

No matter how expensive your Christmas gifts are, nothing beats well-thought of gifts for pinaud. Most of these gifts require careful and thoughtful planning and takes effort. Though all gifts are appreciated, the ones that are given thinking of what I like is more loved. It takes a lot of time doing these things, and I should always exert effort to do just that.

Listening to Music

To drown out unnecessary noise whenever I am working I usually put on m-audio headphones and listen to my “zen” or “work” music, tunes I usually listen to when I work. Depending on the task I sometimes listen to rock, R&B and upbeat music just to get my brain running and once I’ve achieved my tempo or momentum I turn the music off but keep the headphones on so I wouldn’t hear any more than the voice in my head. I got mine from the musician friend store.

Musical Instruments for the Kids

My friends have enrolled some of their kids in music lessons. One enrolled her daughter in piano lessons. Another enrolled her son in drum lessons. Both kids have expressed interest in the instruments that’s why. I wonder if I get peavey guitar amps for the guitar for my son. He has expressed interest in learning the guitar. What my friends did was enroll them first in lessons for a few months. If the interest is still there and never wanes, they will buy them the real thing at home. And they did!

Preserving Memories

A friend’s parents recently celebrated their 50th golden wedding anniversary and I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to show clips from the their original wedding celebration during the AVP. Imagine, it was shot 50 years ago and it was still in pristine condition! I asked about it after the celebration and found out that the children had the wedding video clips restored through the Video Conversion Experts.

The same thing happened with her wedding at She was able to preserve it!

Personal Fitness Trackers

I bought my watch – it’s a stylish one that let me keep track of time, steps, calories and floors I’ve climbed!

It’s called the Fitbit. I’ve had it since February this year and it has helped me tremendously be mindful of how I move and work. I try to take in 5,000 steps a day but other fitness apps recommend I do 8,000. So I try to hit that goal three times a week.

Do you have a Fitbit?